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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Link: http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/011/900risbm.asp?pg=1

Dubai World, A state owned company, has the best growing record in the UAE. This huge corporation proposed a deal with major United States ports in order to be able to manage these ports; however, this deal was not approved by United States policy makers, so they decided that they should cut off the deal even if Dubai World Corporation has every legal right to own these ports.

This dilemma that has arisen from United States policy makers is clearly a non-market issue if we look at it from Baron’s perspective. The issue created several public and political controversies because U.S policy makers think that this deal will make it easier for Al-Qaeda to launch future attacks.

Dan Darling, however; argues that the UAE is far from being supportive to this terrorist group. As a matter of fact they were threatened by Al-Qaeda which gave them several demands and if the UAE won’t response they will launch attacks and bomb many important locations in UAE but UAE officials never responded to their demand. More and more they captured one of their senior leaders, Abdulrahim AL-Nashiri “the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing” not to mention the severe threat from AL-Qaeda that UAE should stand against US and should never cooperate with them. All of these three defenses are enough to prove that the UAE has no connection what so ever with Al-Qaeda terrorist group.

Dubai World Corporation, US Ports, US policymakers, and the UAE Government all represent the interest group as Baron States in his study “Interests include those who have an economic stake in an issue” Dubai World being the one with the highest interest because they want to manage these ports. US policy makers hold a political issue on the deal because they are afraid that this deal might yield awful consequences. Finally UAE Government who own the Dubai World Corporation. We can then classify both governments and the media as institutions who are involved in this issue as well.

Finally, defending themselves, UAE has proven that the information that US government holds about UAE are largely incorrect as a matter of fact AL-Qaeda now think of UAE as one of their enemies. US Government has generalized what two Emaraties who were involved in the 9/11 attacks to make the whole UAE a nation of terrorism.


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