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Thursday, February 16, 2006

In the article “Notebooks replace desktops as price gap narrows” , Saifur Rahman talks about how notebooks are replacing desktops as the price gap between them is shrinking. That is beside how practical notebooks are. You can use then anywhere anytime, so whenever you feel like surfing the internet or working on a project , these notebooks makes your life much easier.

The question of value

Toshiba has been there in the market of notebooks before most of the other big brands and they have been always ahead of them. A main reason of that is that they efficiently use their recourses to face market threats and to get the best of its opportunities, for example Toshiba was the first brand to start using the Centrino technology when it first came out.

The question of rareness

Its obvious that what Toshiba are trying to do is a very rare technology, as a matter of fact it does not exist in any other brands as Rahman mentions in his article “Toshiba notebooks will soon come with TV tuners that will allow them to tune into any local TV station without an antenna”.

The question of imitability

I think this technology is so complicated that even Toshiba the founder of this technology are having a hard time before launching it, so I think its really hard to imitate such a technology which worth tens of million of dollars in developing and more than a year before launching.

The question of organization

Toshiba has been ahead for a very long time; however, with all this advancement and technology it took them a very long time to launch their new product, which I think means that they were unable to exploit the full competitive potential of its resources and capabilities.

So with applying the VRIO framework I think Toshiba is valuable, rare, difficult to imitate but not as much as organized it should be, given the resources it has which makes it lie under strength and distinctive competence category.


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